Teacher Resources On Demand Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Teacher Resources On Demand?
ETA hand2mind Teacher Resources On Demand provides valuable supplemental content for teachers on all math topics for grades K-8. Teacher Guides for many math topics and interactive whiteboard virtual manipulatives make it easier to deliver quality lessons.
How does it work? 
Our ebooks can be viewed on any desktop, mobile, or tablet device by downloading the PDF and/or using your web browser. There’s no app to install! 
What is the difference between the PDF version and the web browser version of the ebooks?
There is no difference in the content. One may be preferable to use over the other for your needs. When you buy an ebook, you get both.
What are the Terms of Use?
The Terms of Use can be found here.


How do I get access to Teacher Resources On Demand content?
You can buy directly through Teacher Resources On Demand using your credit card or purchase order and get immediate access via email. You can also purchase access by calling, emailing, faxing, or mailing in your order; you will receive access in 1-2 business days after your order is processed.
How do licenses work?
You are buying a license to download and use the item for one person. Each license grants access for the number of people specified in your purchase. If you do not have enough books/materials licenses for each user, then you will need to purchase additional licenses. (If you’re an organization with special access to Teacher Resources On Demand, you may have different license requirements.)
Example: Buying three Grade 5 books allows three people to have a copy of the PDF and access to the web-based ebook. Purchasing a single ebook bundle for Grades 3-5 allows one Grade 3 ebook, one Grade 4 ebook, and one Grade 5 ebook to be used. 
Do you have special pricing for large purchases?
We sure do! Please contact us for assistance with large purchases.

Setup and Use

How do I redeem my code?
First, create a hand2mind.com account if you have not already done so. Then visit the My Library page to redeem your code(s). Your resources will then appear in My Library. 
How do I view my resources?
Visit the My Library page to view a list of your resources. Select any resource to visit its page. 
Can I print my ebooks?
Yes, please do! We want this to be as convenient as possible. This includes additional worksheets and other resources.
Do I have permission to use the Promethean ActivInspire Personal Edition license?
Yes, you may use this license. ETA hand2mind is a qualified partner with Promethean, which allows use of the Personal Edition license by people that own our virtual manipulatives if they do not already own Promethean interactive whiteboards.
How do I install my virtual manipulatives?
Download our step-by-step instructions for Windows and Macintosh users.

Special Requests

We need referrer-based authentication. Do you offer this?
We offer this service as needed. Please contact us and mention this need if you are purchasing for a larger group.